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Bubble Bobble 4CPC


Compañía CNG Soft, Taito
Equipo de producción Programación: César Nicolás González (CNGSOFT)
Gráficos: César Nicolás González (CNGSOFT)
Distribuidora Matra Computer Automations
Distribución Amateur
Año 2011
Género Arcade, Plataformas
Controles Teclado, Joystick
Idiomas Español
Estado Preservado
Comentarios Arcade original: Taito, 1986


Gama CPC

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The player assumes the role of a cute baby dragon whose single weapon is his bubble breath: he can defeat his enemies by blowing bubbles at them, then popping these before they break free of their soap prison and strike back.
The game is made of 100 stages plagued by monsters whose contact is lethal to the player; by defeating all monsters in a stage, the player can move on to the next stage. But beware, time is limited: at the first warning, monsters will turn red, faster and more aggressive; the second warning will spawn an invulnerable monster who hunts the player!
Fortunately, the game provides items that boost the player's score and supply him with power-ups, and two players can play at once and cooperate in their quest through the cave of monsters. And the bubbles themselves can be very useful for reaching far or high locations too!

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The default controls are both joysticks (FIRE1: shoot bubbles, FIRE2: jump) but players can redefine them if needed. The key P pauses and unpauses the game, and ESCAPE aborts it and returns to the title screen





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